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(echo)witness is evolving…

Dear friends, fellow appreciators, creators and doers…


We at (echo)witness are going through a big-time transition and we are putting our day-to-day operations on hold until further notice.

We are not exactly sure what it all will look like once we come out on the other site, but we know it will be new and simple and exciting and creative…stay tuned. Thank you for all your support. FORWARD EVER! Jim and Lena

WikiLeaks Headquarters

Pionen – White Mountain in Stockholm, Sweden, designed by Albert France-Lanord Architects, functions as the WikiLeaks Headquarters. It is housed in a former 1,200 sqm  Cold War bunker (originally built as a World War II bunker); 30 meters down under the granite rocks of the Vita Berg Park in Stockholm. The starting point of the project was to consider the rock as a living organism. One of the original founders of WikiLeaks is architect John Young. Visit the Albert France-Lanord Architects site HERE for more info!

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Joe Fletcher Photography

We love Photography and we love Architecture. Conclusion: we LOVE Joe Fletcher’s architectural photography. What a stunning portfolio (and gorgeous homes, all of them!)…He was born and raised in London, UK,  studied painting at Chelsea College of Art & Design, receiving his BA in Fine Art, and later attended London’s Goldsmiths University, graduating with a MFA in photography. In 2003, he left soggy London for foggy San Francisco. See more of his amazing work on his site HERE!

Ma Yansong on The Creators Project

Ma Yansong is one of China’s youngest architects and the leader of the firm MAD. The firm has earned international fame and has created some stunning projects! I especially love his attitude towards the role architecture should play in our society. He Says: “People shouldn’t fit architecture…architecture should fit people!” Check out the video below and read more about Ma Yansong over at The Creators Project HERE! (While you are there, make sure to check out some of the other amazing creators).

Denis Dutton on TED: A Darwinian theory of beauty

This is a interesting TED talk, in which TED collaborated with animator Andrew Park to illustrate Denis Dutton’s provocative theory on beauty — that art, music and other beautiful things, far from being simply “in the eye of the beholder,” are a core part of human nature with deep evolutionary origins. Also interesting to see the conversation this talk sparked on YouTube….check it out HERE!

Chris&Ruby – Product and Interior Design

0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Chris&Ruby is a young design team from Berlin working in product and interior design. Their self initiated projects deal mainly with furniture, lighting and living accessories, while their contract based work cover a much wider field. I am in love with pretty much all of their products and furniture designs. Simple and functional, modern and well-designed…these is a very inspiring company to me. The company was founded in 2008 by Ruby Piterek and Christoph Maennchen, after they met at the University of Arts Berlin, where they both graduated in Industrial Design. Go visit their site for more of their amazing projects HERE!

Tension, Please! is a set of two chairs (one with and one without armrest), the design is highly economical and ecological as it is assembled from one piece of plastic board and spanned into its shape by joining the two connecting points.

The Selby – Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol’s pad

Ok, first of all, i LOVE The Selby…If you all have never looked at the amazing interiors of creative folks from all over, you are seriously missing out…I fell in love with this one in particular: Lyndsay Caleo, a jewelry designer and Fitzhugh Karol, a furniture designer, share this pad…Does this not look so inviting and stylish?!…Check out more by The Selby HERE! and see the post on Lyndsay and Fitzhugh’s home HERE! You can also check out Lyndsay’s jewelry HERE! and Fitzhugh’s furniture HERE!