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To everyone and anyone who has taken time to read our blog (…)

If you would like to stay up to date on what (echo)witness is up to, please become a follower to our Blog and we will keep you updated with new posts.

We appreciate your support and we are always looking forward to connecting with fellow humans. So if you have any ideas, observations or simple, random thoughts…feel free to leave us comments and/or send us a note at

Thanks and we are looking forward to connecting with you.
Lena and Jim

Who we are…


is a new apparel brand created by Jim Blackstock and Lena Bauer, in Nashville, TN.

Not only will we keep you updated on the progress of (echo)witness and what steps we are taking to get established as an apparel brand, but we will also make sure to give you a better understanding of our philosophy and the plans we have for our (echo)witness community.

As for the apparel…after some lucky friends received the very first (echo)witness shirts as part of our first promo run, we are now working on the first collection, which we are hoping to have out in Spring 2009.!.