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The Hector Fund

Inspiration comes from many different sources, one we recently stumbled upon is The Hector Fund. We love what they do and we are proud to support these creators, who spend all their efforts on supporting creators and artists themselves…


When Jake Brennan (who has toured nationally & internationally with Cast Iron Hike, Jake Brennan & The Confidence Men, solo, and in his current band, Bodega Girls) and David Ginsburg (former music director /program director at WBOS-FM in Boston) would talk music and where the industry of music was headed, they concluded this: The sands in the music business are shifting, all of it, from the major labels self-inflicted implosion to the rise of social media and the corresponding democratization of the music business, in which anyone with a computer can create and upload music to the world. So, how do you get noticed? They saw many artists starving, working day jobs, creating whenever they can and fighting to get noticed.Jake came to David in Fall 2008 with the seeds of The Hector Fund idea already in development. David’s experience in radio & the music industry, Jake’s experiences as well as that of Hector Fund creative director (and Bodega Girls frontman) Evan Kenney, brought them together. Months of planning,  brainstorming and fine-tuning led to building the site.Word has spread entirely online; the Hector Fund is 100% bootstrapped, and thanks to the social web, virtually all of the marketing efforts are coming through the newest “standard marketing” channels: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, some very supportive bloggers and other musicians, who seem to love the idea.There are other companies building similar models. What sets The Hector Fund apart is transparency – they are Artistfunding agents. Artists own their masters & publishing. Hector solely helps them connect with fans to raise money, develop unique, creative entitlements, assist with marketing, and build mobile fan clubs via a proprietary software platform that enables fans to opt-in and then connect via SMS text messages to get news, free downloads, and can purchase tickets and merch direct from their smartphones.


Please check them out for yourself at:!

Herb Williams

Local artists – part IIIn accordance with the (echo)witness philosophy of appreciating creators, artists and thinkers we want to introduce one of our favorite artists from Nashville…he is not only well known to Nashvillians but to people all over the world…Herb Williams!!!

Photo by David Johnson with 814 Photography


Herb creates art that is all his own! Check him out at the Rymer Gallery when you are in Nashville or see his work on his site, here!