Monthly Archives: February 2010

Local artist: Sam Fields

As you all know we are all about featuring the artists, creators, thinkers and doers of the world and sharing them with you…We especially love when we connect with local talent…such as Sam Fields. And by “connect” we mean connect in real life, not just via web…that’s what it is all about!Sam Fields is an Award-winning, Nashville-based artist who got here in her youth by way of New York City.  She is currently in the process of being “scouted” by the big A&D Schools and has already been given great opportunities by a couple of them…Keep an eye on this one, cause one day your gonna see her “hanging” in NYC, London and Paris…check out some of her recent works below.

The Messengers

We are really digging the new mixtape, The Messengers, from J. Period and K’NAAN…It’s a concept album of a different sort featuring remixes and production by J. Period and lyrics from Somali MC K’NAAN. This whole album is a tribute to three of the biggest musical influences of modern times: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan…And the best part? You can download it for free at J. Period’s website, here.


Bedouin Soundclash

So, the sun finally came out today after a couple weeks straight of gray skies, rain and snow. And here at the (echo)witness office we immediately put on some music that would reflect our euphoria. Bedouin Soundclash is one of the bands that never steers us wrong. They mix in a bit of rock and a bit of pop with an extensive knowledge and strong foundation of classic ska and rocksteady,  while keeping it true to the old-timey tunes we love. We have had a lot of requests for new music lately and while they aren’t a new band, they do deserve a bigger audience here in the states. Check ‘em out at their site, here.


Volkswagen Autot??rme

Have you seen the Volkswagen’s Autotürme (car towers) – part of the Autostadt? They rise 48 meters or 150 feet above the grounds, and they’re linked by a fully automated delivery system to both the Volkswagen factory and the Kunden Center (where VW customers pick up their new cars). They work like giant vending machines: As a new car arrives from the factory, it’s transported by robot to an empty storage slot in one of the towers; when a customer shows up to collect the car, the same robotic picking system fetches the vehicle, brings it down to ground level, and transfers it to the Kunden Center in the next building. Each tower holds up to 400 cars on 20 levels and can process a car every 45 seconds during peak times. So futuristic and so cool.


The Birthday Party…An Interactive Adventure

Our good friend Tyler Gillett just directed and shot the new mini-movie from Chad Matt & Rob, called The Birthday Party.  As the viewer, you get to decide which actions Chad Matt & Rob will take at the end of each scene…leading them to the birthday party, or getting them in further trouble. This is a great concept and we expect a lot of entertainment to move in this direction in the future. Check out the rest of their films, here.  Tyler and Chad Matt & Rob have been garnering their fair share of attention lately, so be on the lookout for more goodies from this talented bunch…