Monthly Archives: April 2010

Salt Films

When we stumbled upon the website of Salt Films, we were so impressed, we just had to share it with you…Below are just some images to get you excited, now head on over to their site to shake things up…This might be one of the coolest, interactive websites we have seen yet…Salt’s portfolio includes award-winning TV commercials, music videos, animated commercials and corporate films. Please check out their site here!

Nick Tassone’s Stephen King Posters

We LOVE the simple, clean look of these movie posters by Nick Tassone for various Stephen King movies…One look at the posters and you know what film it is for, two colors each, simple, clean lines. These are simply lovely! To buy Screen prints of these posters head on over to Nick’s online shop and to see more of Nick Tassone’s work, check out his site, here!

Curious Displays by Julia Yu Tsao

This lovely video by Julia Yu Tsao was her Graduate Thesis Project at the Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design. Curious Displays functions simultaneously as a form of design research and as a proposal for a new product, a future display technology. Also, love the remote and warning labels she developed to go with the Display…There is so much amazing talent out there and we are always impressed with what people come up with for Thesis Projects…Check out more info about this project and more info about Julia at her site here!

Landschaft mit Haus by Maria Zaikina

“Landschaft mit Haus” is a series of paintings by Maria Zaikina. The subject: one house, simple and unchanged…however, the changing times and seasons offer altered views of this “landscape with house”…According to the artist herself: “The sense of motion is achieved through the static and repetitive composition: the square format, the horizon line in the middle of the image with a house in the center. It is a study of motion and stillness, transfusion and interaction. The beginning and the end of the journey are unmarked. There is no first or final image; the images follow each other in a random order. Only the process of watching the landscape is important. Through the motion of viewing repetitive images the sensation of complete peace and serenity appears: a momentary pause in front of a sublime and mysterious landscape – a stopped frame, not stop motion.”To view more of this beautiful series, go to Maria’s Flickr stream, here!


Battle for Hearts and Minds

Check out the amazing trailer for Battle for Hearts and Minds…In 2009, filmmaker Danfung Dennis was embedded with a  company of Marines in Afghanistan and was able to catch some intense and beautiful footage. Shooting on the Canon 5d (with about a $5000 worth of gear) he was able to get a shallow depth of field and give a true film look to this run-and-gun footage. It’s a good sign when technology gets inexpensive enough for anyone to create beautiful and deeply moving works of art/commerce.

Dyson Air Multiplier

Although this was announced a few months back, we still can’t get enough of the Dyson Air Multiplier, a new blade-less fan that uses the same concept as a jet engine to draw air in…It may cost around $300 but it looks incredible and would make a great conversation piece. Dyson himself explains in the video below:


R.I.P. Guru

Guru, a.k.a. Keith Elam, died yesterday after a long battle with cancer…One of the great rappers of all time, he was only 43 years old. His contributions to thoughtful and intelligent hip-hop, with his group Gang Starr and through his incredible Jazzmatazz albums, will be remembered for a long, long time…R.I.P. Guru…



The Ping Hoodie

Imagine wearing a hoodie that would allow you to connect to your favorite social-networking sites, wirelessly from anywhere…Designer Jennifer Darmour has created just that. Her concept for the Ping hoodie/jacket has built-in technology that allows the user to move, twist, bend, and swing to perform simple tasks like updating and connecting with friends. Check out more of her amazing visions at her blog, here.