Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Google Job Experiment

Copywriter/Director Alec Brownstein was out of work and looking for a creative way to get noticed by the big players in his industry. His cunning idea was to create personal Google ads for the top NYC creative directors…His theory was that when they googled themselves, they would see his ad at the top of the page…At $0.10 per click, Brownstein’s ads cost him a total of $6 and got him four meetings and two job offers. Pretty damn brilliant. Check the video below:


Summerhouse Skane by LASC Studio

When the guys over at LASC Studio converted an old farmhouse in Oesterlen, Sweden, they not only added lots of light by adding larger windows facing the garden and courtyard, but they also opened up the rooms and added some amazing color accents. As Jonas and Johannes of LASC Studios put it:”One of the narratives are the colors that are never boldly present, but appear and disappear.” Well said guys…to check out more of their projects, go to their site, here!


Patrick Sung’s UPACKS

Patrick Sung’s UPACKS are proof once again that the thinkers and doers of the world will not only find new and innovative solutions to every day problems, but improve those solutions that already exist. The Universal Packaging System or UPACKS is a simple perforated cardboard sheet that conforms to any shape while maintaining a sturdy and safe shell for the content of the package.