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Residence in Kamikawaraya by Mitsutomo Matsunami Architects

Mitsutomo Matsunami was born in Osaka, 1977 and founded Mitsutomo Matsunami Architects Inc. in 2005. This is just one of the companies simplistic, clean designs…this residence in Kamikawaraya is so filled with light and demands quiet and calm...see more projects by Mitsutomo Matsunami Architects here!









Simon Brader Illustration

Simon Brader is a freelance Illustrator and he works from his London studio. “By working with a combination of rich textures and vector curves his work is atmospheric and playful and creates exciting work for clients such as The Radio Times, Runners World, TES Magazine, MacUser, A4E Blueprint and Beers of the World.” I especially love some of the Editorials like “A tribute to the death of instant Polaroid film.” See some of his work below and see his complete Portfolio at his site HERE![ Editorial ] ‘Via The Window’ How secure is your computer?

Yellow Arrow Project

Yellow Arrow was developed by Counts Media, Inc. The project grew out of an interdisciplinary collaboration between artists based in New York, Berlin and Gothenburg, with backgrounds in avant-garde theater, documentary performance, site-specific installation, non-linear narrative, experimental cartography, and interactive media.


The Quarter Round Mosaic

The Quarter Round Mosaic is an interesting experiment and so aesthetically pleasing…The projects is a “geometric assembly exploring the influence of color in an arbitrarily generated field. Each mosaic is generated over time so that shapes placed earlier in the process have more influence on the composition. At a regular interval, a quarter round shape is placed in some empty grid space. The quarter round immediately polls all of its neighbors (existing or not) to determine the mean average color of the region. It then transforms itself to that color and rotates to some random orthogonal orientation.”Design and code by Jared Tarbell….See some images below and check out the site HERE!


The Volga House

This Wood Patchwork House by Peter Kostelov is soo interesting. very interesting use of wood and such a simple structure. It also happens to have won the Laureate of International Architect Award  «ARCHIP 2009» in the category «Private House», the Laureate of Russian Wood Architect Award “ARCHIWOOD 2010 and was the Grand Prize Winner at the XII International Festival of Architecture and Interior  Design “Under the Roof of Home” 2010 …Check out some pics below and see more images on his site HERE!

Where Children Sleep

Where Children Sleep- stories of diverse children around the world, told through portraits and pictures of their bedrooms. This book was published by Chris Boot, and shows James Mollison‘s photographs of childrens’ bedrooms from around the world. See some examples from the book below. Make sure to check out James Mollison’s site for more of his photography work HERE and purchase a copy of the book HERE!Eight-year-old Harrison lives in a mansion in New Jersey, USA

Sagaponac House

Beautiful Sagaponac House designed by architect Richard Meier of New York-based architecture firm TsAO & McKOWN. This “custom-designed house for a hypothetical client explores the universal human desire for both orderliness and spontaneity, while firmly rooting itself to the landscape and creating privacy by shaping the terrain.” This 4,500 square foot house in an east Long Island community looks oh so inviting…see more projects by TsAO & McKOWN here!