I and LOVE and YOU…

So, we finally got our vinyl copy of the new Avett Brothers album I and Love and You (the CD and MP3 version comes out Sept. 29th). This installment finds the Avetts working with Rick Rubin and moving to a major label…hmm. The poetic truths and deceptively simple melodies are still part of the equation but you can certainly hear Rubin’s influence. These songs turn from ballad to pop to anthem, sometimes all at once – in a good way…The album as a whole is huge and small at the same time.The Avett’s are doing some different things on this album, that some fans may be wary of, but it’s ALWAYS good to explore new territory. And as Scott says on “The Perfect Space:”I want to have friendsthat I can trustthat love mefor the man I’ve becomenot the man that I wasCheck the Avett brothers out on their site, here!!!

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