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kawamura-ganjavian’s Binpan

I discovered the BINPAN a while ago and since both Jim and I share a love for simple, functional and well-designed products, especially the ones that make our daily lives just a bit easier, I simply had to share…BINPAN is a dustbin when it stands up, and a dustpan when it lies down; a very convenient hybrid for office and domestic environments. Created by the design and architecture studio Kawamura-ganjavian, which was established in 2000 by Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian…they are located in Madrid…click here to find out more about them and to see more of their work!


The Google Job Experiment

Copywriter/Director Alec Brownstein was out of work and looking for a creative way to get noticed by the big players in his industry. His cunning idea was to create personal Google ads for the top NYC creative directors…His theory was that when they googled themselves, they would see his ad at the top of the page…At $0.10 per click, Brownstein’s ads cost him a total of $6 and got him four meetings and two job offers. Pretty damn brilliant. Check the video below:


Dyson Air Multiplier

Although this was announced a few months back, we still can’t get enough of the Dyson Air Multiplier, a new blade-less fan that uses the same concept as a jet engine to draw air in…It may cost around $300 but it looks incredible and would make a great conversation piece. Dyson himself explains in the video below:


The Ping Hoodie

Imagine wearing a hoodie that would allow you to connect to your favorite social-networking sites, wirelessly from anywhere…Designer Jennifer Darmour has created just that. Her concept for the Ping hoodie/jacket has built-in technology that allows the user to move, twist, bend, and swing to perform simple tasks like updating and connecting with friends. Check out more of her amazing visions at her blog, here.




OLC Bike

Interesting concept bicycle from the clever folks at Andrew Maynard Architects. It is estimated to cost about $35. Pretty damn cool…From the site: “The OLC bike is a very simple, cheap, ‘one size fits all’ plywood bicycle for the mass market.  The materials are all cheap and easily available and, importantly the materials are all recyclable or recycled. OLC is quickly assembled through the use of CNC technology. The majority of elements are glued rather than mechanically fixed, providing the bike with incredible strength from modest materials”.