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Battle for Hearts and Minds

Check out the amazing trailer for Battle for Hearts and Minds…In 2009, filmmaker Danfung Dennis was embedded with a  company of Marines in Afghanistan and was able to catch some intense and beautiful footage. Shooting on the Canon 5d (with about a $5000 worth of gear) he was able to get a shallow depth of field and give a true film look to this run-and-gun footage. It’s a good sign when technology gets inexpensive enough for anyone to create beautiful and deeply moving works of art/commerce.

PIXELS by One More Production

Pixels invade New York City…We found this short film by Patrick Jean over at OneMoreProduction.com. View the short film below and check out the One More Production website for more incredible moving images, here! Also, make sure to check out some more of Patrick Jean’s Projects on his website, here!

The Wooden Mirror

This is an oldie but a goodie…The Wooden Mirror by Daniel Rozin. This series of small wooden pixels responds to the grayscale image of whatever is standing in front of it. By lighting it from above the values are created by the amount of light that is hitting a certain pixel. Amazing stuff, plus we found a video of Rozin explaining the creation…enjoy.

The Shaw house in Vancouver

The Shaw House in Vancouver was designed by architectural firm Patkau Architects. Sitting on this beautiful waterfront property, the Shaw house features a stunning above ground pool and simple clean lines. Check out more projects by Patkau Architects at their site, here!


Maiko Gubler “Still Life with Marble”

According to the artist Maiko Gubler herself, her newest project “Still Life with Marble” is a series, which “investigates matter and the physics of materials by juxtaposing digitally sculpted objects and surfaces.” Such a fascinating concept, and even more impressive execution. “Still Live with Marble” represents the simplicity and the sense of aesthetics, we are always on the lookout for…check out her site here!

Volkswagen Autot??rme

Have you seen the Volkswagen’s Autotürme (car towers) – part of the Autostadt? They rise 48 meters or 150 feet above the grounds, and they’re linked by a fully automated delivery system to both the Volkswagen factory and the Kunden Center (where VW customers pick up their new cars). They work like giant vending machines: As a new car arrives from the factory, it’s transported by robot to an empty storage slot in one of the towers; when a customer shows up to collect the car, the same robotic picking system fetches the vehicle, brings it down to ground level, and transfers it to the Kunden Center in the next building. Each tower holds up to 400 cars on 20 levels and can process a car every 45 seconds during peak times. So futuristic and so cool.