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Landschaft mit Haus by Maria Zaikina

“Landschaft mit Haus” is a series of paintings by Maria Zaikina. The subject: one house, simple and unchanged…however, the changing times and seasons offer altered views of this “landscape with house”…According to the artist herself: “The sense of motion is achieved through the static and repetitive composition: the square format, the horizon line in the middle of the image with a house in the center. It is a study of motion and stillness, transfusion and interaction. The beginning and the end of the journey are unmarked. There is no first or final image; the images follow each other in a random order. Only the process of watching the landscape is important. Through the motion of viewing repetitive images the sensation of complete peace and serenity appears: a momentary pause in front of a sublime and mysterious landscape – a stopped frame, not stop motion.”To view more of this beautiful series, go to Maria’s Flickr stream, here!


Volkswagen Autot??rme

Have you seen the Volkswagen’s Autotürme (car towers) – part of the Autostadt? They rise 48 meters or 150 feet above the grounds, and they’re linked by a fully automated delivery system to both the Volkswagen factory and the Kunden Center (where VW customers pick up their new cars). They work like giant vending machines: As a new car arrives from the factory, it’s transported by robot to an empty storage slot in one of the towers; when a customer shows up to collect the car, the same robotic picking system fetches the vehicle, brings it down to ground level, and transfers it to the Kunden Center in the next building. Each tower holds up to 400 cars on 20 levels and can process a car every 45 seconds during peak times. So futuristic and so cool.