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New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 – Big City Life

Happy New Year! It’s been a tumultuous decade to say the least but we made it through…Big Thank You’s to everyone who supported (echo)witness in our first year! And Thank You to all the creators and thinkers we featured on our blog! Look for us to expand in 2010, but we will always continue to appreciate ideas that resonate within us and seek to remember things we have always known.We’re gonna leave you today with one of our favorite songs of the last few years. Let’s get 2010 started off right…FORWARD EVER.

Blog love from the Clothing Xchange

As we told you all a few days ago, the (echo)witness line is now available in Nashville’s own Clothing Xchange…and if that wasnt enough excitement, they gave us plenty of blog-love today (check it out here!) AND have selected (echo)witness to be featured for their monthly ad in HER magazine for January 2010…how exciting!!!We at (echo)witness believe 2010 is going to be an amazing year for all creators and supporters of art and design…

What are your creative plans for the new year?


Big THANK YOU’s to everyone who came out and bought shirts at the Naked Without Us Fashion Market! It was a great success for (echo)witness and it was amazing to meet so much local talent in the fashion world…If you signed up for our e-mailing list, don’t forget to verify your email from Feedburner to receive our BLOG updates. Also, tell your friends to subscribe to our mailing list (at the bottom left on the BLOG), because we are giving away a free t-shirt to one lucky person who signed up in the last week…With appreciation,the (e)w family

Who we are…


is a new apparel brand created by Jim Blackstock and Lena Bauer, in Nashville, TN.

Not only will we keep you updated on the progress of (echo)witness and what steps we are taking to get established as an apparel brand, but we will also make sure to give you a better understanding of our philosophy and the plans we have for our (echo)witness community.

As for the apparel…after some lucky friends received the very first (echo)witness shirts as part of our first promo run, we are now working on the first collection, which we are hoping to have out in Spring 2009.!.