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Nick Tassone’s Stephen King Posters

We LOVE the simple, clean look of these movie posters by Nick Tassone for various Stephen King movies…One look at the posters and you know what film it is for, two colors each, simple, clean lines. These are simply lovely! To buy Screen prints of these posters head on over to Nick’s online shop and to see more of Nick Tassone’s work, check out his site, here!


“And remember also,” added the Princess of sweet Rhyme, “that many places you would like to see are just off the map and many things you want to know are just out of sight or a little beyond your reach. But someday you’ll reach them all, for what you learn today, for no reason at all, will help you discover all the wonderful secrets of tomorrow.”(from the Phantom Tollbooth)

“Are we lost?” asked Milo.

“My, my,” the man mumbled, “I know one thing for certain; it is much harder to tell whether you are lost than whether you were lost, for, on many occasions where you are going is exactly where you are. On the other hand, you often find that where you’ve been is not at all where you should have gone, and, since it’s much more difficult to find your way back from someplace you’ve never left, I suggest you go there immediately and then decide.”
(from “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster)


…Also, both of us having grown up by the beach…


…we’ve been missing the beach lately…