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The Dark Side Of The Lens

The Dark Side Of The Lens is a short film that shows a side to surfing that few of us, as observers or surfers, will glimpse: the life of the photographer. Renowned surf photographer Mickey Smith worked with Allan Wilson (director of photography) from the Astray Collective to show what drives him to spend countless hours in cold and hostile waters in search of a single shot…“I wanted to create that something that would give insight into what it takes to grind out a living as a water-based photographer in the surfing industry,” Smith explains, “to provide a short, experimental glimpse into life lived in the shadow of what is, for me, an obsessive pursuit.”We at (echo)witness love the message of the film: “If your life is spent simply observing and documenting what you see, are you ever really present? It’s this willingness to go unnoticed, to hide in the shadows and sacrifice personal notoriety for the sake of one’s art…”

Landschaft mit Haus by Maria Zaikina

“Landschaft mit Haus” is a series of paintings by Maria Zaikina. The subject: one house, simple and unchanged…however, the changing times and seasons offer altered views of this “landscape with house”…According to the artist herself: “The sense of motion is achieved through the static and repetitive composition: the square format, the horizon line in the middle of the image with a house in the center. It is a study of motion and stillness, transfusion and interaction. The beginning and the end of the journey are unmarked. There is no first or final image; the images follow each other in a random order. Only the process of watching the landscape is important. Through the motion of viewing repetitive images the sensation of complete peace and serenity appears: a momentary pause in front of a sublime and mysterious landscape – a stopped frame, not stop motion.”To view more of this beautiful series, go to Maria’s Flickr stream, here!


Emily Leonard – New Work

Emily Leonard is one of our favorite local artists here in Nashville. From her site: “Emily Leonard’s paintings transcend any singular goal; they present themselves with an unusual clarity and apparent depth. They are at once landscapes and contemporary paintings.” Her work is featured in a new book called Speak for the Trees, where she wrote something we really identify with, “I am always looking for something to unfold, to know again what I have known forever. I am always looking for that which has always been, for salvation and to let it settle at my body.”You definitely have to see these works in person to appreciate their beauty and mystery. Her current exhibition is at The Rymer Gallery through Jan. 2nd 2010…so try to see it before it’s too late!

“Are we lost?” asked Milo.

“My, my,” the man mumbled, “I know one thing for certain; it is much harder to tell whether you are lost than whether you were lost, for, on many occasions where you are going is exactly where you are. On the other hand, you often find that where you’ve been is not at all where you should have gone, and, since it’s much more difficult to find your way back from someplace you’ve never left, I suggest you go there immediately and then decide.”
(from “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster)


…Also, both of us having grown up by the beach…


…we’ve been missing the beach lately…