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Juergen Chill – Vogelperspektive

Juergen Chill‘s award-winning photography series “zellen” won the 1st prize of the European Architectural Photography Prize in 2007.Prison cells of various penal institutions in Germany (as well as Bordello and surgery rooms) are shown in centrally-perspective views. The series encompasses nine large-formation color photographs. Check out the rest of his portfolio here!

The Work of Bobby Neel Adams

In his work, Age-Maps, Bobby Neel Adams explores differences in people at different times in their lives by splicing together a childhood portrait with a current one. His work is so compelling that it’s sometimes difficult to stop looking at the images. Check out his site, here.


In another series, Family Tree, Adams applies his technique to immediate family members such as fathers/sons and mother/daughters, with fascinating results…


Industrial Designer Peter D’Alessandro

It is amazing how simple improvements to everyday objects can make such a big difference…in function and aesthetics! We love the designs by Peter D’Alessandro, especially the “waste and want” cutting board. Please check out the rest of his portfolio on his site, here!Hoseroll: An alternative to the standard hose reel. The Hoseroll offers a practical storage solution for the garden hose, as well as being an ever-changing garden sculpture.