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Nick Tassone’s Stephen King Posters

We LOVE the simple, clean look of these movie posters by Nick Tassone for various Stephen King movies…One look at the posters and you know what film it is for, two colors each, simple, clean lines. These are simply lovely! To buy Screen prints of these posters head on over to Nick’s online shop and to see more of Nick Tassone’s work, check out his site, here!

We Heart Prints

WE HEART PRINTS is a website that compiles art prints from various websites and sells them at affordable prices. Featured artists include: Anne Cibola, Andy Kehoe, Christopher Lee, Julia Sonmi Heglund, Audrey Kawasaki, Jeremy Geddes, Michael McConnell, Jeremy Fish and Brooks Salzwedel.Check out the “We heart Prints” collection on their site, here!