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OLC Bike

Interesting concept bicycle from the clever folks at Andrew Maynard Architects. It is estimated to cost about $35. Pretty damn cool…From the site: “The OLC bike is a very simple, cheap, ‘one size fits all’ plywood bicycle for the mass market.  The materials are all cheap and easily available and, importantly the materials are all recyclable or recycled. OLC is quickly assembled through the use of CNC technology. The majority of elements are glued rather than mechanically fixed, providing the bike with incredible strength from modest materials”.


First of all, we LOVE connecting with artists, designers, musicians, and innovators of all stripes. Our mission at (echo)witness is to appreciate those who are pushing new ideas and to further our understanding of the world by experiencing and building upon the works of our creative community.  We were recently contacted by a group of design students in Serbia, who are working on an experimental design for these sustainable seating areas. Dubbed Amorfurniture, the outside is meant to resemble a cube, while the inside contains an amorphous seating and lounge area. This furniture can be recycled and rebuilt to any specification at any time…definitely a cool idea.Spread the word. If you are an artist or creator who wants to be featured on the (echo)witness blog send us an email at connect@echowitness.com…Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Industrial Designer Peter D’Alessandro

It is amazing how simple improvements to everyday objects can make such a big difference…in function and aesthetics! We love the designs by Peter D’Alessandro, especially the “waste and want” cutting board. Please check out the rest of his portfolio on his site, here!Hoseroll: An alternative to the standard hose reel. The Hoseroll offers a practical storage solution for the garden hose, as well as being an ever-changing garden sculpture.

Help. I need Help!

This is exactly what good product design is about. Nathan and Richard over at Help Remedies created these products focusing on only the essentials. Simple. Clean. Design.Just like that…please check out their website, here!Here is what they say about their product:While some health problems are large, complicated and frightening, most problems are not the end of the world. A kind word and a little help can get you on your way.Help Remedies was created to make solving simple health issues simple. We find the best solution there is, and take away everything else. By stripping away some of the complexity and fear mongering of the health industry, we hope to make medicine friendlier and more accessible, and in doing so empower people to make their own health decisions.We think a little help, honesty and kindness will go a long way.