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Bobby and the Pentatonic Scale

We love this video from last year in which Bobby McFerrin (yes, that Bobby McFerrin), demonstrates the power of the pentatonic scale…We think it’s pretty cool that human beings recognize the inherent order and balance of the pentatonic scale, regardless of culture or community. This falls nicely in line with our philosophy here at (echo)witness that learning is remembering…


R.I.P. Guru

Guru, a.k.a. Keith Elam, died yesterday after a long battle with cancer…One of the great rappers of all time, he was only 43 years old. His contributions to thoughtful and intelligent hip-hop, with his group Gang Starr and through his incredible Jazzmatazz albums, will be remembered for a long, long time…R.I.P. Guru…



The Messengers

We are really digging the new mixtape, The Messengers, from J. Period and K’NAAN…It’s a concept album of a different sort featuring remixes and production by J. Period and lyrics from Somali MC K’NAAN. This whole album is a tribute to three of the biggest musical influences of modern times: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan…And the best part? You can download it for free at J. Period’s website, here.


Bedouin Soundclash

So, the sun finally came out today after a couple weeks straight of gray skies, rain and snow. And here at the (echo)witness office we immediately put on some music that would reflect our euphoria. Bedouin Soundclash is one of the bands that never steers us wrong. They mix in a bit of rock and a bit of pop with an extensive knowledge and strong foundation of classic ska and rocksteady,  while keeping it true to the old-timey tunes we love. We have had a lot of requests for new music lately and while they aren’t a new band, they do deserve a bigger audience here in the states. Check ‘em out at their site, here.


The Prodigal Son

We heard Two Gallants on the college radio station this morning and it reminded us how amazing and underrated they are. Definitely one of our favorite bands of all time. The songwriting alone should make you fall in love but then they add the creative drums and finger-picking…dope.  If you haven’t heard them before: grab some headphones, some brown liquor and enjoy the experience. Plus, they are great live so try to catch a show if you can…Their site is here.

New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 – Big City Life

Happy New Year! It’s been a tumultuous decade to say the least but we made it through…Big Thank You’s to everyone who supported (echo)witness in our first year! And Thank You to all the creators and thinkers we featured on our blog! Look for us to expand in 2010, but we will always continue to appreciate ideas that resonate within us and seek to remember things we have always known.We’re gonna leave you today with one of our favorite songs of the last few years. Let’s get 2010 started off right…FORWARD EVER.

I and LOVE and YOU…

So, we finally got our vinyl copy of the new Avett Brothers album I and Love and You (the CD and MP3 version comes out Sept. 29th). This installment finds the Avetts working with Rick Rubin and moving to a major label…hmm. The poetic truths and deceptively simple melodies are still part of the equation but you can certainly hear Rubin’s influence. These songs turn from ballad to pop to anthem, sometimes all at once – in a good way…The album as a whole is huge and small at the same time.The Avett’s are doing some different things on this album, that some fans may be wary of, but it’s ALWAYS good to explore new territory. And as Scott says on “The Perfect Space:”I want to have friendsthat I can trustthat love mefor the man I’ve becomenot the man that I wasCheck the Avett brothers out on their site, here!!!

Meet The New Familiars

(echo)witness caught this new band, The New Familiars, at the Master Musicians Festival in Somerset, KY. Definitely the best band we hadn’t heard of yet. They describe themselves as acoustic/folk-rock/thrash…

Photo: Jim Blackstock - 814 Photography

Check out their site TheNewFamiliars.com and BE SURE to see them live when they come through your town…