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Project Never


…Rejection never felt this good….We LOVE the idea of Project Never….It is a free awards competition created by graphic designers for graphic designers. According to them, “Thousands of effective designs die each day – often for good reason. At the same time, successful designers and agencies generate many worthy ideas for each project or campaign, only one of which gets chosen for wider audiences. Project Never honors the most creative design concept that never reached production.” Please find out more about them by visiting their site here!


(echo)witness raffle winners

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up for our blog updates. Also, we are so grateful to all of you who came out to support the local designers at the Naked Without Us Fashion Market.As a special thank you, we are giving away two (echo)witness tshirts to two lucky winners…Wear them with pride and curiosity…Congratulations to:1.  CALVIN J. LANE2. LORENA LOPEZPLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL THIS WEEK TO CONFIRM YOUR INFORMATION!!!

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